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 Altar Of Sienna B1F Guide Prideus

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PostSubject: Altar Of Sienna B1F Guide Prideus   Thu Aug 04, 2016 4:44 pm



When you start off the dungeon, talk to Nasty Diriubra (the NPC that's beside the bridge) and get your first gem then proceed to kill the boss. After killing the boss, proceed down the stairs and continue in down the path until you find a warp, click on it to go to the next area.

When you appear on the next room, keep going on and you'll find another npc who will give you another gem after doing some tasks, the first task you need to do is go a bit back into a room surrounded by Umpra's and in that room you will need to click on a chest. After clicking on that chest, go back to where the small NPC was and click on the altar beside him. This should open the wall being able for you to proceed to the next boss. Tip: Before going to the boss, be sure to talk to the NPC again to receive your second gem.

When you defeat the boss, continue on the path until you find the end where an NPC will be waiting for you. Accept his quest so that you can gain the third gem and proceed towards the third boss.

Proceed down the path after killing the boss and you will see a giant red seed. Click on this giant red seed to being the quest to get the fourth gem. After clicking on the giant red seed, proceed forward, don't turn left YET, and then when you reach the end turn right and click on the wall surrounded by vines. Now go back to the little exit you found, that was before on your left but now on your enter, and enter there and click on the brazier. After you finish doing that, go back to the giant red seed at the beginning, the one that gave you the quest, and accept the last and final gem. When you have it, go back to where the brazier was and enter the room with the 4 statues and click on them to break down the wall to face 2 bosses.

Note: Remember to go back to the Giant Red Seed (1) so you'll get the Fourth Gem because you will need it for the next step or else you won't be able to get through.

After killing the bosses, proceed to the bridge and go towards the portal to get into the next room. When you get to the next room, continue the path until you find a monster named "Umprea the weak". If you kill him, you will get an item that will enable you to go to the room where the secret chest is . After you kill it, click on the Altar in the same room to get 5k honor points then continue on until you see a snake fountain. When you see the snake fountain, click on it and you will get another quest. Go back to the first room you were in, within this area, and click on the Altar there then go back to the same snake fountain and a bunch of monsters will spawn. Defeat all the monsters and click on the snake head again to receive your quest reward and then continue on to face the boss.


After killing the boss, proceed to the next room and on the left side you should notice another snake head fountain which spawns the final boss. After clicking on it, continue on the path and you will find the final boss Centurion Prideus.


To get the secret chest that drops the Prideus Bracelet you need to go back to the tunnel and in between the Old Altar and the Snake Head Fountain, there is another clickable wall. Click on this wall and you will be warped to another location filled with Berunosya's, kill them all and click on the warp which will warp you back to the very beginning of the dungeon. To end the dungeon, go back to where you killed Prideus and click on the Giant Red Seed.

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Altar Of Sienna B1F Guide Prideus
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