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 Quest BSVL UP Guide

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PostSubject: Quest BSVL UP Guide   Thu Aug 04, 2016 4:57 pm

This Quests are essential for your characters while playing here at Cabal Evolution Gladiator

You must start with Scenario Quests.
Each class has a Scenario Quests in their hometown.
These are the hometowns for all of the 6 classes:
WI,BL - Desert Scream
WA,FS - Bloody Ice
FB,FA - Green Despair
The quests can be taken from the Town's Officer:
Desert Scream - Dunhike
Bloody Ice - Henkoff
Green Despair- Schuteberk
Here are 2 examples:
-For FA,FB:

-For WA,FS:

After you are done with those quests,different quests will come up,named "Class Rank Quests",with different names for each class:
- WI,BL : Scourhing One,Two,Three etc.
- WA,FS: Bitter Cold One,Two,Three etc.
- FA,FB: Green Despair One,Two,Three etc. (Not sure about the name of this one)
You will get the bike license at the 6th quest ( Scourching,Six ; Bitter Cold Six etc) and the combo at the 3rd quest from my experience.( I know that is Aura,BM1,Combo, ~ ,BM2) 

Class Rank Quests
You start with CR 11 here,so in order to advance you must do the quests,from your home town's
Desert Scream - Gette
Bloody Ice - O'Conner
Green Despair - Kallua
The quest name is BLSV UP Special Training.
They are from #1 to #7:

Level 110 BSLV UP Special Training #1
Kill: 200 Bloody Orcs and 30 Flame Hounds (LakeSide)

Level 120 BSLV UP Special Training #2
Kill: 100 Bloody Ogres and 50 Dark Phalanxs (LakeSide)

Level 130 BSLV UP Special Training #3 ( Finish this and you can use the Battle Mode 3)
Kill: 70 Flame Zombies and 150 Ectoleafs (Mutant Forest)

Level 140 BSLV UP Special Training #4
Kill: 80 Durahans and 100 Viants (Mutant Forest)

Level 150 BSLV UP Special Training #5
Kill: 80 Death Knights and 150 Armaps (Mutant Forest)

Level 160 BSLV UP Special Training #6
Kill: 40 Vice Felichras and 60 Lobatums (Mutant Forest)

Level 170 BSLV UP Special Training #7
Kill: 30 Grogas and 50 UMD-02 Cornus (Pontus Ferrum)

Level 180 BSLV UP Special Training #8
Kill: 30 Fire servants and 60 Demonic (Porta Inferno)

Level 190 BSLV UP Special Training #9
Kill: 75 Makus and 90 Demonic Jason (Porta Inferno)
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Quest BSVL UP Guide
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