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 Panic Cave Guide

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PostSubject: Panic Cave Guide   Thu Aug 04, 2016 4:39 pm

1.) First, upon entering the dungeon. Speak to the corpse near the entrance to remove the pile of rocks blocking the way.

2.) This dungeon only has a one way route, so you won’t be having problems. Head straight the path until you see the monster “Cave Beetle+” defeat it to open the blocked path.

3.) Then proceed to locate the monster “Cave Snake+”, defeat it to continue.

4.) Then another monster to defeat “Cave Scorpion+”, defeat it to remove the rocks in the way.

5.) Now, when you continue the path. You will be dealing with the “Cave Hound+”, there are (4) four of them for you to defeat.

6.) After defeating all the “Cave Hound+”, speak to the corpse.

7.) When you see this window shown below and click the “Let’s get out of the cave.”, a “HURRY” signal pop-up. Meaning you need to go back as fast as you can since “Nualle” (Boss Monster) will appear. He’s a big mutated worm that will try to get you, if you get hit by him your character will die.

8.) When heading back obstacles will slow you down. The first one is a pile of rocks, destroy it to continue.

9.) Then the next one, you need to defeat the (3) worms named “Nooki” to destroy the rock that’s blocking the way.Reminder: Stay close to the pile of rocks.

10.) After that, proceed to the position shown below. This will be your first battle with “Nualle” but wait for him to be stuck on a certain position or once you can target him. Defeat him for a treasure box then proceed getting back to the entrance.

11.) Destroy the Treasure Chest to open the way.

12.) Another breakable pile of rocks will be your last obstacle to reach the entrance. Destroy it to continue.

13.) When you reach the entrance, turn right or follow the image below and position yourself at the green circle. Then, wait for Nualle to completely show itself then target it to attack. If you are in the green circle shown below, you need to use ranged skills in order to be safe but if you want to use melee type of skills you still can but you must be alert. If ever you will see the “WARNING” signal, you need to go back to the green circle because Nualle will thrust its body inside the room and when you got hit by it, it’s game over.

Note: Nualle will release a number Nooki (little worms) when its HP is low to attack you.

14.) Once you defeated “Nualle”, destroy the Treasure Chest for a reward.

15.) Then speak with the corpse near the entrance again until you finish the dungeon.

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Panic Cave Guide
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