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 [Guide] Critical Rate on Slot

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PostSubject: [Guide] Critical Rate on Slot   Thu Aug 04, 2016 4:54 pm

This Thread will show you a way of adding a Critical Rate on 3 slotted items.
(40cdi /7cri , 42cdi/7cri , 24cdi/7ssa/7cri , 24cdi/15cri weapon and helm)

[list="margin: 1em 0px 1em 3em; padding-right: 0px; padding-left: 0px; color: rgb(141, 141, 141); font-family: Georgia,"]
[*]Extend you're 2 slotted item to make it 3 slots . 

[*]Add Critical Damage Scroll (Scroll depends on what class your item is (Low/Medium/High/Highest) on the first slot with 10 force cores. If it succeeded proceed to Step 3 . If not Try to add Critical Damage again. Succeeding will make your item 1 SLOT Critical Damage Increase and 2 Clean Slots.

[*]Now , this is the part where you will need bunch of luck , for the second slot , Put Random Scroll (The ones named "Random") there are many options that might come out on this one , but all you need is Critical Rate . Note : If the Option that came out is not Critical Rate , you will need to put a Critical Damage( Crit. Damage so that if ever it success the item won't be that much of a trash ) on the THIRD SLOT w/ ONLY ONE Force Core , so it will make the success rate at a very low point of succeeding . The most outcome of this will be a fail , Failing on the Third Slot Option adding will erase the 2nd slot you've added which is the option which is not Critical Rate. Then repeat the method until you got a Critical Rate on the second slot. If Critical Rate shows up proceed to STEP 4 , IF NOT continue on doing STEP 3.

[*]Once you had your Critical Rate on the second slot . You should Upgrade your the item to +15 so that the rate of succession of the third slot will be 99% of success. Note : If this fails , The Critical Rate Option will be removed . So better make it +15 to have the highest success rate possible .

[*]If you had done step 4 or if you want to risk even its not +15 . Add Critical Damage on the 3rd SLOT with 10 cores for a 99% success rate (if your item is +15)



  • I suggest the item should be on +0 / +1 / +2 on STEPS 1 to 3 .
  • Use 2 slot items to get the best option
  • Follow the scrolls I've mentioned so the item won't be full of fail option, it will be still be useful even if failure comes

NOTE: Do this at your own risk . Its just a Guide , Its not 100% sure that you will get Critical Rate Option  If you do want Critical Rate Option in a sure way  Get a Critical Rate Scroll or Just Donate to get your desired items 

P.S. I will update the thread as soon as I've completed the Images I need . 
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[Guide] Critical Rate on Slot
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