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PostSubject: A LITTLE FARM GUIDE for NEWBIES   Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:50 am

As you start, you will notice that you are at Level 1. Don’t fret, leveling is super easy. First thing you must do is to kill mobs in towns on every Map as you progress on level and as you unlock the Maps. But basically, All Maps has been unlocked and you can go directly to Lakeside (LS) to level up. Use BM3 for faster mob sweeping. And remember, enter Channel 2 for a 4x Mobs. You can easily level up in this channel since it has lots and lots of monsters in every map. Note: You can’t enter certain maps unless you reach the required level to enter. (e.g: 125 - Mutant Forest, 140 - Fort Ruina, 160 - Porta Inferno, and 180 - Arcane Trace).

In game, you are given A FREE +9 Sigmetal Armors and Weapons. So, every class you create has it’s own items which includes BM3 (Lvl 1), Aura, Combo, Board and some crafted accessories that you can use as you get to farm your gears. Now, you must be wondering where you could farm Perfect crafted items (purple ones that is), for you only see Green Items dropped by monsters on Maps. Basically, the END-GAME item in this server is CHAOS SET. These Items are farmable at dungeons such as Forbidden Island (FI), and Epaulet of the Dead B3F (EoD3). Now, you must be asking, can I solo those dungeons? Basically EoD3, ‘NO’, i mean not yet. Since that dungeon has strong bosses and with your current equips (Sigmetal), you won’t get far from the First stage. Hahaha. So anyways, you can farm Chaos Gears at Forbidden Island as you were not actually going to FINISH it, you just have to stay and kill and loot and kill again and again until your time runs out. If you don’t know the mechanics or quest inside the dungeon, you can PM me in-game (If I am online), and I’ll help you with the mechanics. So, inside FI, you just have to kill until you get certain loots such as Chaos Gears. Note, that Fatal Helms with 16% CDI - 2 slotted were a good item to sell  to other lazy players (well, alt characters actually). So you do not just loot items of your class but you can actually farm others as well and vend or sell em’. Fatal Blade and Orb/Crystal were the most expensive ones, 2 slotted with 16% CDI can give you a 20-40B worth of that item. They’re ridiculously expensive so watch out for the drops. For gears/armors, you only must take 2 slotted Outrageous ones since they’re the best items there is in-game (which are farmable). So, goodluck farming. Smile

This is the common question I encounter in game. Alz can be farmed at FI. How? Well, first you must buy a Remote NPC Card with a 7 day duration on the Customized NPC at Bloody Ice (BI). It costs 100M (oh expensive). Yeah I know, you might say, expensive but hey, it will help you a lot and you could earn that 100M in just a single FI run. Yep yep yep. I am serious. An FI run could earn you about 300-700M per run, depends on how fast you kill and loot then sell. Easy peasy right? So, as you farm you own items, you can actually farm for alz by looting all the stuffs that drops inside the dungeons by monsters you kill and sell them by pressing “N”. And that’s how you’ll be a Billionaire. Very Happy

So, now that you have at least parts or a set of your stuffs, time to upgrade them. In this server, upgrading is easy up to +9 (well, a safe level of upgrade in my experience, no fail at all +1 - +9). You will be needing Upgrade Cores (Highest) or UCHH as players call them, to upgrade your stuffs to +15. There are dungeons where you can easily farm UCHH’s. Steamer Crazy (Another Ruined Train Card), Hazardous Valley (Nearly Hatching Egg), and Chaos Arena (I do not prefer this one, has only few drops). But wait, where can I buy entry? Customized NPC at BI in the form of snowballs (hahaha), there’s one of them for Entry/tickets. Costs 1M each entry. Next, is Enhanced Safeguard Highest, which you actually need to safely upgrade your items up to +15 without degrading the upgrade value as it fails. There are 2 ways you can have em. One is buy them from another customized NPC at BI which sells upgrade stuffs (but they’re really expensive) and second one is by killing Bad Santa of which respawns every 1hour on the First 3 Maps (BI, GD, DS). Lels. But I do not suggest you do it solo because that santa is too hard to kill. You can ask permission from players who are already killing it if they are kind enough to spare the SGHH and give it you (I do though, so you need to find me---hahaha). That Bad Santa also drops Potion of Courage and Potion of Honor and Vouchers too. If you have enough SGHH you can then safely upgrade your items. You can also use Perfect Core Highest for 100% Success rate of upgrading an item “BUT” it’s very expensive, and will cost you 2B per piece.

There is an NPC at BI who actually sells Scrolls for Armors, Weapons and Bike (separate). You can buy scrolls with corresponding amount of DP (Dungeon Points) except for the Sword Skill Amp (SSA) and Magic Skill Amp (MSA) scrolls coz they costs 5K WExP (War Experience Points) per piece. But be sure to attend TG as Admins and Owner gives surprise events on TG (Mission War) and gives good rewards such as scrolls and bike (on my experience though). Either win or lose they give out rewards so long as you participate. Or you can buy Scrolls from other players selling them in game. Oh, you must be asking, where to get DP? Basically as you run dungeons and FINISH them, you get DP. on Steamer Crazy it gives 100 DP per run, Hazardous Valley gives 200 DP (i’m not sure) and EoD B3F with 500 DP. Yeah. EoD gives great DP, but do not go in there in solo yet unless you got good gears already. Do it in party and make sure you know the Looting Rule so you won’t be accused of being a looter, **** and etc, so don’t rush and cooperate.

So basically, you are to ask where to find Bike, Epaulets and etcetera. Well, BIKE - RW3 drops a EoD3 but of low chance of course. When you got one, you’ll have to craft it into 1 slot then 2 slot which will cost you big amount of alz for the materials. (Bike Core costs 2B per piece right now). After which you already had it 2 slotted, you can buy Scrolls from NPC which sells Bike scrolls. And find one that best suits your taste

Credits to the maker of this  : ~Shin Realiz Senoirb
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PostSubject: Re: A LITTLE FARM GUIDE for NEWBIES   Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:22 am

Thanks Ma'am. ^_^

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PostSubject: Re: A LITTLE FARM GUIDE for NEWBIES   Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:03 am

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