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 [GA]Application Kuronuma

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PostSubject: [GA]Application Kuronuma   Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:55 am

Character Name: Kuronuma
Character Gender: Female
Character Class: Force Shielder

Answer the following question with the utmost of your understanding. Impress us with your answers. Indicate your answer after each question.

1. How long have you been playing cabal online?
Answer: more than 7years i assume, since cabal ep1 first released in ph.

2. There are six different classes or character in the game. What are their characteristics and specialties?
Answer: there are six(6) different classes, mainly Warrior(WA), Force shielder(FS), Wizard(WI), Blader(BL), Force blader(FB), and Force archer(FA).

Warrior: Following the philosophy that strength is the greatest asset in battle, the Warrior is a melee class that focuses on physical strength and heavy armor to defeat their enemies. This class utilizes Greatswords and their main Stat is Strength.

Force Shielder: Putting defense above all else, the Force Shielder is a heavy armor class that utilizes force to make themselves impregnable to damage. Capable of creating powerful Astral Shields, Force Shielders are best on the front lines of war, protecting themselves and their allies from harm. They benefit highly from a balance between Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity in their Stats.

Wizard: Focusing on dealing tremendous damage from afar, the Wizard is a long range class that utilizes magic to both attack and defend themselves. Wizards can manifest force to channel powerful single target and Area of Effect skills to rain destruction before they can be harmed. They wear light armor and greatly benefit from the Intelligence Stat.

Blader: The true masters of martial arts, the Blader is a class that utilizes the unique dual blade style to render their foes helpless. Utilizing speed and agility, this melee class is a high damage dealing choice. The Blader wears light armor and benefits highly from Dexterity and Strength Stats.

Force Blader: A master of both blade and magic, a Force Blader utilizes both to strike deep at their enemies. This class focuses on speed and precision to overcome any obstacles, and are considered master swordsman, using both Katanas and sharp Blades to their highest form. A Force Blader wears medium armor and benefits highly from Strength and Dexterity Stats.

Force Archers: A rare branch from the Wizard class, the Force Archer is capable of honing in the force of magic to bring dedicated single target damage from a long distance. They strike a delicate balance between physical and magical damage, and can support their allies through any danger. A Force Archer wears medium armor and benefit from both Intelligence and Dexterity Stats.

3. There are six common dungeons in the game namely Lake in the Dusk, Ruina Station, Tower of Dead B1f, Volcanic Citadel, Tower of Dead B2f, and Forgotten Temple B1f. What are the requirements in order for a character to enter into these six different worlds?
Answer: there are 2 requirements for these basic dungeons and these are entry card for the given dungeon and its level requirement. these are the dungeons and its level requirements with their entry card:
Lake in the Dusk - lv65 & Map part
Runa Station - lv75 & Muster Card: Ruina station
Tower of Dead B1f - lv85 & Epaulet of the dead
Volcanic Citadel - lv95 & Seal of the Darkness
Tower of Dead B2f - lv105 & Epaulet of the dead (b2f)part1
Forgotten Temple B1f - lv115 & Muster Card: Forgotten Temple B1f

4. Where do Chaos Sets and Chaos Weapons drop?
Answer: chaos sets/parts drops from porta inferno and arcane trace in normal maps, and on dungeons, from forbidden island, illusion castle underworld, epaulet of the dead b3f, and other high lvl dungeons.

5. How can one go to Mutant Forest and Pontus Ferrum? Indicate here the requirements and procedure.
Answer: one can go to Mutant Forest and Pontus Ferrum by leveling up to the level requirement of each map. lv125 for Mutant Forest and lv140 for Pontus Ferrum and you need to have return stones with you on your inventory then go to the desired map by clicking the portal button on the map.

6. What is a Nation in the game? How can a character get a Nation?
Answer: since this is a private server, all you need to do is that you need to have atleast 2million alz on your inventory. first thing you need to do is deposit all the alz from your inventory to your warehouse, then close the warehouse just to be sure. then open the warehouse again, withdraw 1234561 if you want to be a part of capella nation, or withdraw 1234562 if you want to be a procyon. but if we are talking about official server, all you need to do is do the story quest(scenario quests) until you reach the level 52 nation quest which is named WAR CLOUDS, finish that and you get to choose which side you want to join.

7. Site one of the technical problems in the game. How will you manage such problem if someone is asking you?
Answer: in regards ingame, there is this people/players who cannot trust each other by means of trade, and by that, i can help by being a midman to them. in regards with the game itself, there are those new players that do not know how and where to download the game and how to patch the launcher, i can simpy help by assisting those new players for them to play and enjoy the game.

8. Differentiate Spam from Scam. Site some examples.
Answer: scam is when someone stole something from another player by means of false trade. spam is when someone keeps on flooding chat with the same message over a period of time.

9. In a given situation when no staff members are online, and you noticed an abusive player PK’ing your character or
other players with no reason, what will you do?

Answer: Warn them, if no one listens, i will report them immediately to the higher staffs.

10. Why do you want to be a GA?
Answer: To serve and to help and to inform those who are in need.

11. Why should we hire you? What are your potentials for being a GA?
Answer: Well i have experiences as a GA, i'm a good player, no history of scams, never been banned, not toxic to other players, i keep a low profile, i dont tend to boast and i love this server. Smile

12. If you have given a chance to do your job as GA, what can you do or contribute to our server?
Answer: if i were given a chance, i will do my best to do my duty as a GA, help others with the things that i know, and I will help the community grow by inviting more players to play here with us.

Your Real Name:Jarir Macabago
Age: 23
Facebook Link : facebook.com/zshapezshifter[/b]
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[GA]Application Kuronuma
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