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 MUST READ : Making Abuse Report

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PostSubject: MUST READ : Making Abuse Report   Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:42 pm


IMPORTANT: Your report must meet the following requirements. If your report does not meet the requirements, it will automatically be Denied without any actions.
1.Your Screenshots must NOT BE EDITED. Edits include any additional drawings or removal/erasing some part on the picture, even if it is to highlight the location of the cheater (you may do so by providing Additional Information). You are not allowed to censor your own character IGN.
2.Screenshots are ONLY PERMITTED for posting of Wall Hack cheats. You may use Screenshots to report other forms of abuse (e.g. Selling Items for Real-life Cash, Abusive Language, etc).
3.Video is required for NSD Speedhack, No Cooldown, Damage Hack, or other cheats. The video must be clear with the character's IGN easily seen. The recommended resolution for Video is 720p.
4.Your choice of font on your Client should differentiate between lower-case L and upper-case i. An example of a good font is Tahoma.


Once you have prepared your proof, copy and paste the following format and create a New Thread for your report. If you are reporting multiple cheaters, make individual threads for them. DO NOT post multiple cheaters in the same thread.

IMPORTANT: You must follow the following format. If your report does not adhere to the format, a GM may not respond to your report.

1. Your Character Name:
2. Reported Character Name:
3. Screenshots:
4. Video:
5. Additional Information (Optional):

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MUST READ : Making Abuse Report
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