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PostSubject: APPEAL FOR BANNED ACCOUNT FORMAT!   Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:08 am

You may appeal for your account if it has been blocked by following the below steps. You must follow the steps below, or your appeal will be denied.

Steps to Appeal

1. Search the Abuse Reports section (http://cabalpoison.forumtl.com/f44-in-game-banned-accounts-characters) for any report on your Account.
2. Copy and Paste the format below into a New Thread.
3. Wait for a GM to reply to your Appeal.

Appeal Format
1. Username:
2. List of IGNs:
3. Name of GM in-charge:
4. Link of GM report:

If there is no report made on your account within 24-72 hrs from your appeal, your account will be unbanned.

Additional Steps for Unban
If you want to have a better chance for unban, you will need to upload your Third-Party Program (TPP) and provide us the download link. Add the following details below your Appeal Format:

5. Name of TPP:
6. Download Link for TPP:
7. Video proof that its working in Poison:

You must make a ban appeal and provide the TPP with a video of you showing how to use it within 24-72 hours of your account being banned for your appeal to be considered. If the TPP that you provided is not already on our list, your account will be unbanned.

You can only be unbanned once from TPP submission.

Conditions for Unban
•If there is no report made on your account within 24-72 hrs from your appeal, your account will be unbanned.
•If a valid report has been made (with proof), your appeal will be rejected.
•If a report has been made but with ambiguous proof, your appeal will be reviewed by Staff. A decision will be made on whether to unban or not.
•If you have provided a TPP that is not already on our list, you will be unbanned.

Note: Please follow the proper format of appealing.

Reviewing of proofs will be 24-72 hours, if the GM/EM/GW did not provided a valid proof and a proof ,You will be unbanned.
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