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 Time-based items:

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PostSubject: Time-based items:   Thu Aug 04, 2016 4:15 pm

Once you're logged in, you will notice a timer on your screen like this.


This timer is for helpful items you can get in-game. But take note that these items are character bind and w/ expiration so expect that they will disappear in your inventory at some point of time when you're offline.

This are the list of items you can get:
First 30 minutes
Potion of Luck x1 (5 Million alz)
Megaphone x5
Additional 30 minutes
Fury Potion (Lv. 4) x10
Life Capsule (Lv. 4) x15
Additional 30 minutes
(S)Vital Regen Potion (Lv. 3) x10
(S)Strike Potion (Lv. 3) x10
(S)Hardness Potion (Lv. 3) x10
Additional 30 minutes
Holy Water of Traveler x5
Holy Water of Critical Strike x5
Holy Water of Resistance x5
Additional 60 minutes
Holy Water of Fighter x10
Holy Water of Sage x10
Holy Water of Flawless Defense x5
Additional 1 hour and 30 minutes
Potion of Veradrix x10
Chaos Box - Ticket x1
Chaos Box - Extender x1

The timer is character-based. So if you have a different character being played at a certain time and switch to another one, the timer may reset to the beginning. To further explain, if you got disconnected and did not log in back for a very long period, expect to have your timer reset to the very beginning.

If you already acquired the last set of items, the timer will vanish and will not reset unless you log out your character for some time.
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Time-based items:
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